PREFERRING SONS OVER DAUGHTERS IS BEING JAHIL | Nouman Ali Khan | Surah Al Isra – Thematic Overview.

“Then, has your Lord chosen you for [having] sons and taken from among the angels daughters? Indeed, you say a grave saying.” (Sahih International) (17:40)

🔴 Arab mythology said that angels were the daughters of God…on top of that the Arabs felt that having daughters was humiliating, and they used to bury their daughters alive
🔴Pbuh hadith of having 3 daughters 3 sisters go to jannah
🔴So Allah asks Arabs why they think daughters are beneath them, but that God would have daughters. This ayah isn’t just for the pagan Arabs, it’s also for the Jews of Arabia…it addresses the attitude that “whatever I want, I’ll do, but whatever I don’t I’ll attribute to God.”
🔵Ex. purposely coming to Jummah late to just catch the prayer, and then partying it up the rest of the week…just giving Allah your left over time in the week, but the rest of the time you do whatever you want… the Believers should think about how their lives impact the world and Islam, not just put bread on the table. Everyone has a talent, and if you work to improve the world through Deen, Allah gives you Dunya (17:84). What is life worth if you just live Friday to Friday, party
to party? Our lives should amount to something!

🔷 Giving to Allah is an act of selfishness…(17:7).

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