Your HEARING , SIGHT and HEART WILL BE QUESTIONED | Nouman Ali Khan | Surah Isra

A warning to guard the gateways of our hearts, in all we say, hear, and see, for we shall be held accountable, and be questioned by our record of deeds.

“And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart – about all those [one] will be questioned.” (17:36)

2️⃣ Two words for heart: قلب vs. فؤاد

➡️Typically expect the word قلب from تقلب which means “change”, because the heart constantly changes
➡️ فؤاد : meat being charred in a spit (meat in fire), comes from فأد” to barbeque”, when you have an intense burst of courage or fear… The Prophet (S) had a Fu’ad…Allah gave him the Qur’an to keep him motivated 24/7 “فؤادك به لنثبت ”(25:32)
➡️ When we are upset, we say things/do things we don’t mean…then we say “but you can’t hold that against me, I was really upset”… Allah says you will be held accountable for those things.
➡️ Haring listening and heart aren’t living beings, but أوآلئك is still used which is used for humans, not for things… this usage shows that each of these “things” will be considered living things on the Day of Judgment and they will testify for/against us

❌ علم به ليس ما تكف ال و : don’t speak on matters you don’t have knowledge on…”I don’t know him, but I heard…” We are too easily swayed by rumors. “I heard if you say this 5 times, then you’ll never get into a car accident.” Really? Where’d you get that from?

❗️ There are normal people, activists, and scholars. As laypeople, we have to know there is a difference between activists and scholars. And as laypeople, we have to get the bare minimum education of Islam, so we can’t be abused (May Allah protect and preserve our scholars…we aren’t making them out to be bad guys, but we need to be there to check one another. They aren’t prophets, they are humans, they can make mistakes, and they can be questioned…if you don’t know anything and you question scholars you’re dumb, but if you educate yourself and then ask scholars questions to refine your
understanding, than that is what scholars are there for).

📛 On the flip side, we have to respect our scholars who dedicate 10, 15, 20 years to studying Islam. We have to ask respectfully if we want further explanation on a topic. We need to have transparency with our scholars. The attitude of “don’t listen to those guys, listen to these guys…” is the mark of someone who is uneducated. If you get educated, you won’t agree with your teachers on everything, but that doesn’t affect our love for them at all.

📍 Don’t be someone who picks their Islam based on what’s comfortable, pick based upon knowledge.

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