CHARACTERISTICS OF KHAWARIJ – Tim Humble Animated Islamic Video

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In this Video Tim Humble talks about the traits of the Khawarij(extremist groups such as ISIS & Al Qaeda etc).
Khawarij are the people who rebel against the muslims and make Takfeer of everyone, they are mostly young in age & are not experienced.

The Khawarij take versus of the Quran out of context the same way the disbelievers do and try to justify there doing of evil when in fact they are the losers in terms of deeds.

They have lost all there deeds and have strayed from the straight path when they thought they were doing good. This is a strong message for the youth, to be careful of these extremist groups.

There characteristics are very clear & the prophet Muhammad(pbuh) warned us about these groups and how they will come about in the end of times up to the time when Dajjal(Anti-Christ) comes.

15 Characteristics of the Khawarij

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