DEATH IS COMING! – Muhammad Tim Humble Animated

DEATH IS COMING! HOW TO PRIORITIZE TASKS – Muhammad Tim Humble Islamic Video

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In this video Muhammad Tim Humble talks about how we need to lose this mentality of thinking about the future 24/7 & instead we need to think about what if death approached you today? He urges us to take advantage of each day by thinking of death often throughout the day.

Alway’s keep this in mind:
β€œIn the evening do not expect [to live until] the morning, and in the morning do not expect [to live until] the evening. Take [advantage of] your health before times of sickness, and [take advantage of] your life before your death.”

If you constantly remind yourself of death, you will live a much more productive life & be happier knowing that this life is temporary. So set a reminder on your phone if necessary!

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