DRESS UP FOR YOUR SPOUSE – Omar Suleiman Animated

DRESS UP FOR YOUR SPOUSE – Omar Suleiman Animated Islamic Video

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Assalamualaikum (Peace be with you)

In this video Omar Suleiman encourages muslim couples to put more effort into there relationships by taking care of there dress & hygeine and ensuring they present themselves neatly to there spouses. As you know society is increasingly becoming more sexualised with images of women & men all over billboards, so this tip is very important to ensure your marriage continues to blossom and seek the pleasure of Allah. Omar also highlights the dangers of pornography and virtual pleasure, this can be easily accessed via the internet, hence is destroying the muslim community and society, so we need to stand firm against this and advise eachother to take control of the situation before the punishment of Allah comes upon us.

Peace be upon you

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