EMBRACE ISLAM NOT CULTURE – Nick Pelletier Animated

EMBRACE ISLAM NOT CULTURE – Nick Pelletier Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Nick Pelletier addresses the converts to islam and encourages them to think and ponder on the Quran, Sunnah and cultural practises. As new converts to islam they often follow the culture of the people they embraced Islam from, it is very important to understand which practises are from the Quran and Sunnah and what are cultural practises.

We want to make sure we embrace Islam and not the cultural practises of people because Islam will always be with you but the people they come and go, so you don’t want to make it difficult for yourself.

Not to say culture is bad but if it goes against the teachings of Islam it should be avoided.

You should follow your own culture if it has nothing against Islam, this way you can also attract more people to Islam by remaining strong with your cultural practises and always Questioning yourself as to why your doing what your doing?

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