DELUSION OF MATERIALISM – Nouman Ali Khan Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Nouman Ali Khan highlights a major issue in the world. Materialism promises you happiness & enjoyment but people fail to realise that there setting an example for the young people & others in society & if there goals are only in terms of materialism then you will see society all striving for the same thing & there will be corruption & inbalance in the world.
Thats why we see so many depressed people, they neglect there other responsibilities in order to just chase wealth & become really miserable.

God created you for a higher purpose, so don’t set your goals this low.

-Give time to your health
-Give time to your family
-Give time to your job
-Give time to Allah

Nouman Ali Khan is encouraging people to strike a balance with there wealth, use it to help other people & build the final residence in the hereafter.
So don’t become deluded by these advertisments, they want you to feel ungrateful when in fact Allah has given you so many blessings!

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Peace be with you all.

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