HOW TO BE A MAN – Nouman Ali Khan Animated

HOW TO BE A MAN – Nouman Ali Khan Animated Islamic Video

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Assalamualaikum!(Peace be with you)
In this video Nouman Ali Khan highlights how males are lacking the work ethic and discipline to become real man, he encourages the muslim men to work harder & develop a work ethic if they want to get married & run a household. Marriage comes with lots of responsibilities.
Work ethic helps you understand the challenges and deal with them accordingly. Life isn’t perfect, so we are always going to be facing problems but how you deal with them is very important.
Challenges can either make or break you.
He also highlights how Manliness is really lacking in alot of men today, they seem to be content with there condition & not want to improve.
Islam is a religon of brave courageous men who are fearless in the face of the enemy & ready to undertake Jihad(struggle) when the time comes, so man up & stop being a wimp!

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