HOW TO BE PATIENT WITH PEOPLE – Ibraheem Husnayn Animated

HOW TO BE PATIENT WITH PEOPLE – Ibraheem Husnayn Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Ibraheem Husnayn gives tips on how to patient with other, he narrates the stories of the Prophet’s and Messengers of Allah and how they were patient when calling people to the worship of one God. Being a Muslim you are going to make alot of enemies because of the mainstream media, the misconceptions about Islam & the Political Climate.
So Patience is very important.
Allah say’s we have made some of you as a trial for others, meaning your patience is going to be tested with the people!

This also includes your family members, work colleges and others. Most of them are brainwashed by the mainstream media which is owned by the Zionist Jews(Israel), they have an agenda to make Islam look barbaric.
They know this is the truth, if they don’t repent then Allah will drive them into the Hellfire for their crimes against Humanity, especially the Palestinians.

So Seek help through Prayer and Patience!

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