HOW TO BE POSITIVE & HAPPY – Tim Humble Animated

HOW TO BE POSITIVE & HAPPY – Tim Humble Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Tim Humble talks about sadness and depression and how focusing your energy on the hereafter instead of this worldy life can have so many benefits. If you take care of the responsibilities set by Allah, Allah will open new opportunities for you and increase you in reward in this life and the hereafter.
You will be among the inheritors of paradise & Allah will give you a portion of this Dunya which is written in your Naseeb (Qadr).

So focus your energy and doing good deeds for the hereafter instead of worrying and becoming anxious about the wordly life! Does death not deserve more of your attention? After all , thats your eternal life.
This life is temporary and will end soon, so set your priorities straight and chase your goals!

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