HOW TO FIND A SPOUSE – Nouman Ali Khan Animated

HOW TO FIND A SPOUSE – Nouman Ali Khan Animated Islamic Video

The disbelievers spend to divert people from the path of Allah, We should spend our wealth in the cause of Allah to counter that!
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In this video Nouman Ali Khan talks about how to go about finding a spouse, he encourages the youth to get to know the opposite gender in a respectful way where modesty & manners used in the interaction. You can get to know the person by asking others about them or asking there parent’s to allow you to talk to them where other people are involved, hence you can both answer the important questions before marriage instead of becoming emotionally attached and then slowly falling into a haram relationship.

If you go about things the right way, Allah will place his blessings in your relationship and you will live a much more content life, however if you constantly break the laws of Allah & do not fear hellfire then you will face humiliation in this world & the hereafter.

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