HOW TO FIND PEACE IN LIFE? – Nouman Ali Khan Animated

HOW TO FIND PEACE IN LIFE? – Nouman Ali Khan Animated Islamic Video

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In this Video Nouman Ali Khan addresses the audience on how to find peace in your life, he highlights how faith, prayer & connecting with the Quran is directly related to finding peace & contentment in life. The whole purpose of islam is for you to be at peace with the outcomes of your life, weather a calamity strikes you or your going through ease, both ways you will find peace & reassurance once your connected with your faith.
Alot of people have emotional issues & this can be solved through increasing knowledge of Quran & praying 5 times a day everyday.

Nouman Ali Khan also highlights that the contentment & peace you find with islam you will never find that by following your lustful desires, clubbing, alcohol & draining your intellect with games & movies. You will just increase in sin & become deprived of any peace by following lustful desires, so hold on tight to the rope of Allah & Inshallah your final residence will be Jannah.

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