HOW TO FIX HYPOCRISY – Nouman Ali Khan Animated

HOW TO FIX HYPOCRISY – Nouman Ali Khan Animated Islamic Video

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Assalamualaikum (Peace be with you)
In this video Nouman Ali Khan addresses the root causes of Hypocrisy and most importantly tells the audience how to fix the state of hypocrisy there in by giving more into charity & being selfless. Caring about others ensures you won’t become boastful and arrogant because you know you will be returning to Allah to be judged.

So whatever little you have, give it for the sake of Allah, Whether it be clothes, Money or Food. There are so many people in this world that could use it, the division amongst the wealthy & the poor is also increasing & we as muslims should take responsibility & put in effort to fix it instead of blaming governments, rich people or external entities etc.

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