HOW TO MAXIMISE YOUR YOUTH – Ibraheem Husnayn Animated

HOW TO MAXIMISE YOUR YOUTH – Ibraheem Husnayn Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Ibraheem Husnayn talks about how you can maximise and take advantage of your youth while you still have it in the remembrance of Allah. Everyone is usually wasting their youth parting, drinking, clubbing & playing video games but you can use your wisdom to take advantage of this time to do alot of good deeds.

To ensure you have a fruitful youth consider these three suggestions:
-Keep good righteous companionship, they will help you increase in doing good. This is good advice for university students & school students.
-Raise Money for the oppressed and poor and increase in charity, use this technology to your advantage by raising awareness for the oppressed and give charity frequently.
-Seek more knowledge of Islam and read books so you are prepared for the trials and tests headed your way.
– Give Dawah, spread islam through your actions and represent the true religon of Allah in a good manner to others in your workplace, school and university.

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