HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM DAJJAL(Anti-Christ) – Nouman Ali Khan Islamic Video

The disbelievers spend to divert people from the path of Allah, We should spend our wealth in the cause of Allah to counter that!
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In this Video Nouman Ali Khan talks about ways to protect yourself from the greatest fitna(trial) to ever fall mankind, Ad-Dajjal.
There are 7 main ways you can protect yourself from Dajjal:

1) Have Iman before hand
2) Seek refuge from Dajjal
3) Read Surah Al Khaf
4) Escape, flee from Dajjal
5) Go to Mecca & Medina if possible
6) Have good muslim company
7) Have knowledge about Allah & Dajjal

Everyone should be talking about Ad-Dajjal & how to escape his fitna, Allah is setting the stage for the coming of Ad-Dajjal, most of the minor signs of the day of judgement have already been completed and now the major signs are going to start soon & when they start they are going to follow each other like beeds on a necklace.
So be Vigilant, work on building your iman(faith) & seek more islamic knowledge about Dajjal, so you can be from the believers who escape his Fitna.

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