HOW WE LOSE OUR FAITH – Nouman Ali Khan Animated

HOW WE LOSE OUR FAITH – Nouman Ali Khan Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Nouman Ali Khan talks about how a muslim can lose his faith in islam, it all start’s by putting yourself in bad company and from there you start to develop doubt’s which you never had before & instead of addressing them, satan encourages you to disbelieve and procrastinate in finding the answer’s to your doubt’s and you further engage in sinful behaviour until death takes you by surprise.

Doubt’s & Bad company can lead a person astray,
Other thing’s which could lead a person astray include:
-Fear of the disbelievers
-Ignorance(No correct knowledge of the truth)
-Habitual Sinful behaviour

May Allah keep our heart’s firm on the truth till the day we meet death.

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