IMPORTANCE OF PAKISTAN – Imran Hosein Animated

IMPORTANCE OF PAKISTAN – Imran Hosein Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Imran Hosein talks about the significance of Pakistan. Alot of blood was spilt in the process of creating Pakistan hence muslims need to take advantage of Pakistan and know that it is a gift from Allah. This is the place where a mission can be launched to re-establish the Khalifat after the nuclear war between Russia & NATO.

Pakistan is home to over 200 million muslims & is a nuclear state that has the capacity to defend itself from any aggressor.

Muslims need to become aware of the significance of Pakistan and know that the enemies of Islam are planning to destroy Pakistan, they have already succeeded in creating a Bangladesh. Hence further weakening Islam.

A fight to the death mission should be launched to protect Pakistan & It’s nuclear capacity. Create an Alliance with Russia & China.

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