IS THE QURAN MAN MADE? – Shabir Ally Animated

IS THE QURAN MAN MADE? – Shabir Ally Animated Islamic Video

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In this Video Shabir Ally gives us a talk on why the Quran cannot be man made & why it’s the word of God.

He highlights important information such as
-Muhammad(pbuh) being unlettered.
-The Quran speaks to Muhammad(pbuh), commands him & corrects him.

-The Sincerity of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), if this wasen’t the word of God why did he have to suffer so much persecution and even go to war several times for this message?

-The Quran containing structure, it is a linguistic miracle and there is only one version of the Quran, hence God is preserving it.

-The Quran challenges people to produce a recital like the Quran, meaning, if they are truthful in their statement that Muhammad has forged this Qur’an and brought it of his own, then let them produce something similar to what he has brought forth, as in this Qur’an! And even if they combine their strength to that of the people of the earth, Jinns and mankind alike, they will never produce something like the Qur’an, or ten Surahs like it, or even one Surah!
And till this day no one has met this challenge.

– The Quran has no contradiction or errors.

– The Quran predicts future events which will occur, for example the romans defeating the persions in the lowest point on earth.

-Everything that has a design has a designer behind it, when we observe the Quran we find that there is very strong evidence of design. Hence pointing to a designer, God.
Day = occurs 365 times
Month = 12 times
Satan & Angel =
Good & Bad deeds = 167 times
Life & Death = 145 times
Belief & Disbelief = 17 times

How is this Possible? The words are scattered throughout the Quran, in different Surah’s & Ayah’s which have meaning behind them, so they aren’t randomly put there but with meaning to convey a message.

-Read the Quran for yourself, is this not God the almighty speaking to mankind?
Just think and ponder..

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