LOFTY STATUS OF THE MARTYR – Tim Humble Animated Islamic Video

The disbelievers spend to divert people from the path of Allah, We should spend our wealth in the cause of Allah to counter that!
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In this video Majed Mahmoud & Tim Humble talk about how Allah rewards the martyr for there bravery and effort to fight in the cause of Allah. The martyr is one of the most highest places a muslim can be, some sacrifice there time for Allah, some there wealth but the Martyr sacrifices his life for the pleasure of Allah.
And indeed Allah will repay him with the best of rewards!

Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) said
“For every good deed there is another good deed superior to it till getting killed in the way of Allah. There is no bigger good deed than getting killed in the way of Allah.”

Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) that he (s.a.w.a.) said:
Allah has placed the soul of the martyrs in the stomach of a green hen. So that they can drink water from the sea of paradise. They eat the fruits of the trees of the paradise and they move around in the paradise wherever they desire.

The martyr also does not feel the pains of death, he only feels a slight pinch before the angel of death takes his soul.

As a side:
(Martyrdom is not suicide bombing)
That is the method of the Khawarijj, killing innocent muslims. Groups such as ISIS etc do not represent Islam, rather they harm islam & the muslims who are following the Sunnah.

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