NEW SIGN OF THE HOUR (Must Watch!) – Animated Video

NEW SIGN OF THE HOUR (Must Watch!) – Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Azeemuddin Ahmed talks about a new sign of the hour approaching us, death of scholars and the increase in sin amongst the muslim community. We are living in times of Fitna, in times of war, trials & tribulations. All of these signs are from Allah & he is showing us so we can get our act togethor and turn back before its too late and death takes you by surprise while your indulging in sin.

Study and learn your religon so you can better prepared for the trials and tribulations coming your way!
There’s only one route to salvation and it’s following the Quran & Sunnah and being patient upon that. You will face many hardships and trials along the straight path but if you have a good connection with Allah and read the Quran daily you will be well prepared and be successful in this life and the hereafter.

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