“OH! I WISH THAT I WERE DUST!” – Ibraheem Husnayn Animated

OH! I WISH I WAS DUST! – Ibraheem Husnayn Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Abu Ibraheem Husnayn talks about the feeling of regret that the disbeliever has on the day of judgement. He will cry out for destruction and wish that he was dust! The torment will only increase for him and he will remain therein in the hellfire tasting the punishment of the burning blaze!
Allah didn’t wrong him but he/she transgressed all bounds by committing shirk, murder, usury, stealing, magic, kufr & all those major sins which are forbidden in islam.

The disbeliever also cannot hope for death because on judgement day, death will be slaughtered in the form of a ram & they people of the fire will be full of deep regrets, depression and extreme humiliation. He will bite his entire hand in regret! This is the recompense for the wicked!

So take a lesson from these versus of regret and change yourself today, pray, give charity, be kind to parents & help others by doing good deeds. You only do this for your own benefit, Death could be closer than you think! So take heed!

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