PROTECT THE MOTHERLAND! – Animated Islamic Video

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In this video we discuss the importance of protecting Muslim countries from Israel & NATO. Israel wants to divide up the muslims and also establish the greater israel project, it’s important for muslims to protect there soil and to threaten Israel.

Pakistan, Iran, syria, iraq, Lebanon & Egypt should all unite to protect the Muslim world against any further escalations against Israel on there territory.

India has also become an important ally of Israel, they are trying to create a independant balochistan just like they created a Bangladesh , so muslims will be busy fighting eachother and Israel will continue to slaughter the palestinians.

The Devil wants a Kurdistan & a Baluchistan!

All muslims should unite and ensure the saftey of security of there country! The Ummah is already suffering as it is in Kashmir, Burma & Palestine. We don’t need more hotspots and more muslim countries being Invaded by NATO & Israel.

Stay Alert & Strengthen your military might. Build more nukes Pakistan.

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