THE COMING OF THE FALSE MESSIAH (DAJJAL) – Imran Hosein Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Imran Hosein talks about the coming of the false messiah. The false messiah has to impersonate the real messiah (jesus peace be upon him). Since Jesus(pbuh) will rule the world and be a just ruler, it would logically make sense that the false messiah would have to do the same.

The false Messiah will be followed by 70,000 jews, weak believers, hypocrites and the enemies of Islam. However he will be killed be the real Messiah Jesus(pbuh).

He will eventually come out and make his appearance when Israel becomes the ruling state in the world, this will be likely very soon after Israel engages in more wars. So the time is very close, be alert and tell everyone!

To protect yourself, read the first 10 and last 10 Ayahs of Surah Al Khaf

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