THE ROAD TO HEAVEN VS HELL – Bilal Assad Animated

HEAVEN VS HELL – Bilal Assad Animated Islamic Video

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Assalamualaikum(Peace be with you), In this Video Bilal Assad gives us a contrast between the straight path to heaven and the path to hellfire.
As you can see both paths are very different, one involves controlling your ego and your evil inclinations and doing good in society and keeping yourself away from the satan’s whisper’s, however the path of hellfire is really easy and involves following your carnal desires however the penalty and price at the end in the hereafter is immense, e.g.boiling water being poured on top of you.

So constantly seek refuge from the fire & judge yourself and see which path you are taking? And if you have low iman, strengthen it with reading more Quran & Educating yourself more about the religon of Allah.

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