THE TRUTH ABOUT SAUDI ARABIA! – Imran Hosein Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Imran Hosein talks about the great betrayal of Islam which the government of Saudi Arabia has done in making an Alliance with the enemies of God. Helping Israel and America to destroy the Muslims.

Israel, Saudi Arabia & U.S. are the ones who created & funded ISIS to overthrow the syrian government but they have failed so there trying to partition syria and create an independent kurdistan now.

The truth is the Zionist state of Saudi Arabia has better ties with Israel, India & America then with the Muslims. They are the greatest threat to Islam because they are the hypocrites who wish to destroy islam from within!

One of the nullifiers of Islam is helping the Disbelievers against the Muslims, these is clear cut disbelief.

Stay away from these Criminals, there abode will be the hellfire and there wealth won’t help them in the least.

You can go Hajj & Umrah but everyone needs to speak out against The Government of Saudi Arabia and we should long for the day when Imam Al Mahdi comes and leads the Muslims.

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