THE WOMB TO THE TOMB – Khalid Yasin Animated

THE WOMB TO THE TOMB – Khalid Yasin Animated Islamic Video

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You start of life in the womb of your mother, you grow up, Allah gives you strong bones & then you weaken and old age hits you and then you die and meet your deeds.
And then on Judgement day you are resurrected to either go into Paradise or Hellfire.

Khalid Yasin talks about the importance of focusing on your final destination which death/ the grave.

The Punishment of the grave is intense and is similar to the fitna of Dajjal so it is something very serious.

In your supplications you should seek refuge from the Fitna of Dajjal, Fitna of life and death, Punishment of the Grave and ask Allah to protect your from the hellfire.

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