TIPS TO DEAL WITH ISLAMOPHOBIA – AbdurRaheem Green Animated Islamic Video

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In this video AbdurRaheem Green talks about Islamophobia and how we can deal with it. Islamophobia is created by mainstream zionist run media & the current political climate we live in. You should not trust the mainstream media because they are constantly lying about everything since 9/11.
AbdurRaheem Green gives us 3 practical tips to deal with islamophobia:
-Invite non-muslims to your house for food and introduce yourself to them.
-Get involved in Dawah(Inviting and spreading the message of islam) by doing it yourself or financially supporting the people who are actively involved in it.
-Smile! Yes smiling & using your manners and excellent character to attract people to islam. Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) came to correct manners and show mankind how to deal with one another, good manners is the best form of Dawah.

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