WHEN WILL HELP & VICTORY FROM ALLAH COME – Tim Humble Animated Islamic Video

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In this Video Tim Humble talks about how the Ummah can once again achieve victory & what are the steps necessary to do so, we are living in the time’s where the prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said:

‘Imminently, there will come a time when the nations gather against you, just as people gather around a feast.’ A man said, ‘Will it be because we are few at that time, O Allah’s Messenger?’ He responded, ‘No, you will be numerous in those times, but you will be as useless as the scum of the sea, and Allah will remove the fear that your enemies used to posses from you from their chests, and He will place al-Wahn in your hearts’, it was said, ‘What is al-Wahn?’, he responded, ‘Love of life, and hatred of death.’” [Ahmad, Abu Dawud].

This humiliation will not be lifted until we start to come back to our religon, study the Quran & Sunnah in depth & engage in struggling for Allah’s religon.
Struggle to speak the truth in front of a oppressive tyrant.
Struggle of abstaining from sin & increasing in good deeds.
Struggle in fixing family relationships & community bonds.
And continue this struggle till our death.

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