WHY INTEREST (RIBA) IS HARAM – Yasir Qadhi Animated

WHY INTEREST (RIBA) IS HARAM – Yasir Qadhi Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Yasir Qadhi highlights a few of the main reasons why Interest or Riba is Haram.

The key thing to take note from this lesson is that the money lender is making a profit without any form of risk, he always expects a return from the borrower.

Riba is a sure gain without any possibility of loss, hence all the risk is taken by the borrower, rather than sharing the risk and the profits with both parties.

Riba creates a monopoly in society, where the rich are rewarded for being wealthy, while those who are not are forced to pay extra!

Interest Banking is something very dangerous because Allah & his Messenger have declared war on the lender, the borrower & the person signing the contract. They are all equally guilty in Islam.

Muslims should stay away from paying or charging interest.

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