WHY MUSIC IS HARAM – Ibraheem Hussnayn Animated

WHY IS MUSIC HARAM – Ibraheem Hussnayn Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Ibraheem Hussnayn explains why music is haram and you should cut it all together, it distracts you from the reality of life and from the Quran. Many of the music videos also mock islam and encourage immorality and fornication. It encourages you to commit more sin and prevents you from doing good & plays with your emotions.
“Islamic Nasheeds” also should be avoided, majority of them are similar to the music of the non-muslims, sure one or two of them may make you come closer to Allah but they are a huge distraction from the Quran.
Shaytaan is playing with you and wasting your time with things that don’t benefit you , you need to gain the most out of your time because that is the most precious thing!

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