ZIONISM: THE ENEMY OF ISLAM – Imran Hosein Animated

ZIONISM: THE ENEMY OF ISLAM – Imran Hosein Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Imran Hosein talks about Zionism and how they are the enemies of Islam, they are the same people you see on western mainstream media spewing lies about Syria and the Middle east.

They created & funded Daesh(ISIS) to create division in Syria and make Islam look bad in the entire world!
They also want to destroy Islam and create greater Israel as shown by the map in this video.

Allah has forbidden any Muslim to take them as allies & if you do that you have lost your Islam and your just whistling in the wind. Allah does not tolerate the support of oppression, especially after we have seen what the zionists have done in Syria & have seen them oppressing the Palestinians!

Thank God for Lebanon, Syrian army, Iran & Russia for helping Syria get up on its feet.

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