Facts reveal Islam and Muslims NOT biggest threat to America! FIND OUT WHO IS!

Amazing facts reveal(and these are not opinions) that Islam and Muslims are NOT the greatest threat to America. In this episode we’ll be talking about the chattanooga and the charleston shootings along with some amazing facts that will blow your mind.

We’ll also be revealing the facts so you can find out WHO IS the real threat to our country and peace.

Some points covered in this weeks episode:

1. Former Home land security Daryl Johnson gives the facts on who the real threat is.

2.The real Terror threat

3. How people like the racist kkk haven’t gone away, many of them are in the Media and are the so called NON-MUSLIM “Experts of Islam”

4. Chattanooga and the Charleston shootings

5. Have you heard of the Christian Minister Robert Doggart who plotted to Massacre an entire Muslim community?

6. Why no 24/7 wall to wall media attention on these real terrorists?

7. They are eating humans have you heard of these terrorists ?

8. From Loan wolf, mentally ill, terrorists, why the disparity?

9. Muslims helping Christians working together for peace

10. Racism in the hearts

11. How do be part of the solution and not the problem

12. look for our number at the end of show, let’s talk not yell, open up communication with your Muslim Neighbors.

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