ISIS and the 200 million strong Islamophobia machine

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Note: We don’t sympathize with or condone the actions of any extreme radical group

What do you guys thnk about this story is this fake news or what? Please watch complete video before you comment below

Did you guys hear about this horrific and lurid make your skin crawl headline:

“Isis beheads 4-year-old girl then forces mother to soak hands in her blood after ‘swearing to Allah'”

Now what happens instinctively like a knee-jerk reaction after reading such sick dishearting and lurid news is that your average person starts to associate Muslims and Islam with these crazy and evil actions not being able to distinguish between evil insanity and Islam.

The over 200 million dollar a year big money islamophobia machine also has a field day with this kind of fake news.
But if you read further into the story you find that

“Although the woman’s story could not be confirmed by IBTimes UK”

Just as we have to be careful about eating fake food nowadays we really have to even be extra careful about getting manipulated by fake news. We should also call these people out because journalists have a moral and civic duty to bring authentic truth to the people and not satire and fake news.

More with Abdul Malik Mujahid Pres. of sound vision:

Here is my “see something say something” story: We all agree that ‪#‎ISIS‬ is horrible. So some Iranian Shia news agency called “AhlulBayt News Agency” issued a press release a couple of days ago (see the image) saying that ISIS beheaded a 4 your old girl.

And now the ChristianTimes, Christian Today, Christian Post, and Christian Daily etc are all having a field day with this unconfirmed Iran based anonymous source story. The story is so fake that even the Iranian funded PressTV did not cover it. Wait until it shows up on CNN and other so-called mainstream media.

The 200 million strong Islamophobia machine has good allies in the shape of Christian missionaries and extremist Shias who are no better than the Sunni ISIS. This whole episode reminded me of the stories that Saddam Husain soldiers were throwing Kuwaiti babies out of a hospital to take incubators away. They even had an eye witness on our TV. After the Iraq war it turned out that the eyewitness girl was a daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador in DC and an American lobby firm faked the whole story. Too late for the terrible Iraq war.

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