Snoop Dogg on Bruce Jenner and ISLAM on Transgenders? With Dr.Yasir Qadhi

This week we’ll be talking about a number of different topics with our special guest Dr. Yasir Qahdi, one of them is the issue of Transgender, and what Islam says about it.

Recently for the few that didn’t hear about this Major Media World News, was that Caitlyn Jenner (born William Bruce Jenner) who is also a 1976 Olympic champion and American television personality decided to go from being a man to trying to be a women, which caused a huge Media firestorm, to which the famous Rapper Snoop Dog commented saying that the ex-Olympian Bruce Jenner was not deserving of such huge media attention for his decision and Vanity Fair cover, when there were other series Humanitarian projects and issues going on in the world that are largely being unreported that really deserve series Media Attention. (Example: like the innocent humans being persecuted and killed in Burma/Myanmar and other places in the world).

Others points covered:

1. How people will have 1,000,000 small purposes in life if they don’t figure out the true “Purpose of life”.

2. People experimenting with everything in life because their heart is restless, unhappy, void of peace and contentment.

3. Suicide and depression on the rise because the heart is not connected and charged.

4. Number one suicide site in the world
5. How a person can reach true happiness and contentment in life

6.Dr. Yasir Qahdi on the thobe

7. Recent news of very young College University and PHD students who died right after graduation.

8. Playing the lotto hoping to find purpose by hitting it big

9. Victoria Secret’s and how things look good from the outside
but Roy Raymond the founder jumped off the golden gate bridge for what was missing on the inside.

10. Celebrities like Robin Williams and others who can’t find fulfillment in superficial, material worldly things, and what the only solution to this problem is.

All this and more on this weeks exciting episode!

Leave us your comments below for topic you’d like to see us talk about in future episodes.



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