WHEATGRASS SHOT its BENEFITS and health advice

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At whole foods with my friend Jim Marlowe who’s a Nutritionist and Health educator and we’re trying some WHEATGRASS Juice and giving some great advice regarding health. Read more of the benefits of Wheatgrass below

21 Wheatgrass Benefits

Wheatgrass is a potent source of a number of vital nutrients your body can’t do without. Dozens of studies on wheatgrass — and also its individual antioxidants and nutrients — show that its health benefits include:

Supplying a high dose of chlorophyll
Encouraging a highly oxygenated environment in your body
Promoting a healthy metabolism
Establishing an alkaline environment in the body
Acting as an antibacterial by halting growth of unfriendly bacteria
Rebuilding and strengthening blood
Restoring fertility and balancing hormones
Rebuilding damaged tissue
Detoxifying the body of heavy metals
Purifying liver
Helping with blood sugar regulation
Acting as an antiseptic to treat odors, strep infections, wounds, skin grafts, sinusitis, ear infections, varicose veins and scars
Helping to prevent tooth decay
Aiding in sore throat pain reduction
Fighting skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
Improving digestion
Reducing inflammation
Improving eyesight, particularly night vision
Helping with sleep
Boosting the immune system
Improving nerve signaling and mental well-being

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